Sunday, April 29, 2012

Black & White Tutu Altar Frame


I finally made this TuTu frames.
I saw these frames at the Mall, I was so close on buying it
and it hit me, Hey I'm a crafter I can do this, so I bought the materials
and when from there. I love how it came out, and so does my daughter.
This is Leiliani, now I have to make two more.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shabby dress form and Hat

I had so much fun making the dress form, hat and the
purse, mind you this is my first time making the dress and hate and boy I
love it, will definit do more hehe. I also did a video but I had trouble with
the color view, but i found the problem so hopefully it wont happend with my
furture vidoes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini hats

The first top picture are hats hanging from my golden breaches.
The second picture is the hate on my dress form I
found in a thrift store. Now guess how much were these
hats, $.099  Yes indeed. Now I need to do some thinking for my

Birthday Card tutorial using the new die and embossing folder

The materials I used,
 is on my video
So click and enjoy the tutorial

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hand made Owl

I'm  so proud of my self.  First of all I don't sew lol but
my sweet Mami bought me a Singer sewing Maching, why? she bought
it  just becasue one time I said I'm thinking of buying me one. Next morning she came back with a
a machine, I just love her so much.
So instead of  learning how to sew on fabric I started on paper Ha
So my girlfriend inspire me to making my two young grandkids a stuff Owl.
So I said to her are you going to teach me lol she said no , this is a challeage for you Ha
So here's the result , the owls with a few mistake you can't see hehe
She love her owl, so does Nevaeh
Here's a template if you like to try one out and
please do let me know so I could check out your owl


Monday, April 2, 2012

Another great day for scrap booking

My spongie Nevaeh 1 year old

The finished page

So this is the finised look. I love how this die it's so versatile
Thanks for check out my blog.

Scrap page using the Bigz Die Rosette

Well this is half unfinish scrap-page. I wanted you to see what it
look like with out the background. Oh if you decide to get the die
just so you know if you using thick designer paper in some part it will split apart a little, just
like any scoring thick paper. So what I did, since we could trim off the paper to any sizes I cover it up.
I'll be doing a video on this die explaning more.

StampinUp Designer Rosette Die

I got to tell you StampinUp is getting  better with their Bigz Dies
Not just because I'm a SU demo I'm being seriously. I'm loving it.
When I recived my mini catalog and read about this die I said to my
self what can I use this beside a banner,
 mind you it's 10" diam. Spacing between each fold is 1/2"  it cut and fold so you definte need a crease pad
 plus it's option on both each edges as show on the picture above. If you don't have a StampinUp
demonstrator I have a 24/7 store and if you're having any problem ordering on my
website please email me
Something to share. I bought this after Christmas at ACM
for $2.00 , each bunch of crystal plastic branch. I use this mostly on my
scrappages and 20 precent on my altar items.

Found some items and made some mode. If you have
watch all my channel on Youtube you'll see some of the stuffs  
I made with my hand made mode.

Beaded Florish

Omgosh this is so much fun to make. I think this  is one of
the hottest creations on Youtube. On the right side above
the mini flowers I  use the
 flower instead of the bead for the center, I like this  better.